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Web Development and System Development

Michael has over 25 years experience in system and web development and business process automation. The last decade was involved in the financial trading area of a major Australian company.
Systems were required to be built quickly and accurately, whether it was an Excel ready reckoner or a major system using .NET and Oracle or SQL-Server as a backend database.

Office Automation

There are many packaged solutions for businesses, however, many business find that they or their staff need to do simple repetitive tasks. Simple systems can be developed that can automate these processes and save a business time and money. Examples are such things as:

  • Extract information from emails into Excel or Access. Send automated replies to customers
  • Repeat the entry of information into more than one system (Word/Excel/MS Access)
  • Information for contacts spread between a number of systems.
  • Automate the transfer of information to and from your web site

We have expertise in automating all of the Office produce range and can help develop an entire system or we are happy to just give you a
hand with some of your own endeavours.

Web Design

We can develop a website for you or help you maintain an existing site. We
can also make your website dynamic by automatically updating your website
based on your local database and process requests from your customers on
your website
One of my customers the popular
Arcadia Bed and Breakfast web site

Domain Creation and Web Hosting

We can also provide you with
economic domain and web hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Do you get no business through you website? Can’t find yourself in Google or
Yahoo? Do you wonder why competitors
consistently rank higher than you in searches? Unfortunately, a lot of web designers do not understand
how to write a site to optimize it’s position in a search engine.
If you are not in the first three or four entries in a search, then it is unlikely that customers will click on
your site. There is no magic or quick fixes in getting a higher search ranking. We can help design your website to
achieve the high ranking as well as help you build an audience for your website to help you acheive best

System Development, Computer Programming and Android Device App development

We have experience in a wide range of system languages and databases. We can help you develop your own system, be added as a resource to your project or take up the slack when an existing project has gone wrong. We have 25 years experience in developing
systems. We specialise in bringing a solution in on time and on budget. Our experience includes:

  • ASP.NET and .NET windows forms
  • Visual Basic
  • Office Automation through VBA
  • C and even older languages such as FORTRAN
  • Google Development for Android (Java)

For databases we have development and DBA experience in

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MS Access
  • SQLLite (Android App Development)
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